Vara Food & Drink co; Ltd was incorporated in 1985. They are a leading Thailand-based manufacturer of Coconut juice, Coconut milk, Tropical fruit juice, Canned vegetable and other food stuffs.

Vara aim to be a leading global food and beverage company providing quality products and services. SSM distributes a large range of Vara products such as coconut water, coconut juice and various tropical fruit juices.

TAS Coconut Water comes in 2 sizes, 310 mL and 500 mL as well as a 490 mL Plastic bottle and another 490 mL Plastic bottle except with Pulp. The TAS Coconut Juice with Pulp comes in 310 mL and the TASCO Coconut Juice with Pulp comes in 240 mL, 300 mL and 500 mL. There is a large variety of TAS Tropical Fruit juices in 310 mL, these consist of: Tamarind, Mangosteen, Sugarcane, Mango & Passion, Pennywort, Pina Colada, Pineapple Juice, Lychee, Mango, Guava and lots more!

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