SSM distributes Sunquick range in Australia, available in SUPA IGA, Foodworks, SPAR, IGA, Fruit Shops, Asian, Indian and Island stores.

Sunquick gives you so much of the goodness from the fruit: The concentration process takes the water out of the juice and brings you all the tasty stuff. With Sunquick you just have to add water and then enjoy the fruity and refreshing taste.

Great tasting fruit is made by nature: We don’t use artificial flavours, sweeteners or colourings, but follow the sun around the world to find the best tasting fruit: The right ingredients for that perfect Sunquick taste.

Sunquick is perfectly made for sharing. Not just because you can serve more than 40 glasses from a single 840 mL bottle, but because the taste brings a Sunquick smile to people’s face. Where there’s Sunquick to share, there’ll be people to serve!

  • Sunquick_840ml_Blackcurrant_2014
  • Sunquick_840ml_Exotic_2014
  • Sunquick_840ml_Mango_2014
  • Sunquick_840ml_Orange_2014
  • Sunquick_840ml_PinkGuavaStrawberry_2014
  • Sunquick_840ml_Tropical_2014

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