Pure Coconut Oil

SSM Launches PURE Cooking Coconut Oil without the coconut smell and after taste, able to withstand higher temperatures than other oils.

Coconut oil gives a delicious taste and superb texture to foods. Here's an overview of some of the coconut oil's most noteworthy benefits: Easy-to-Use Energy Source Lauric acid, the predominant saturated fat in coconut oil, is a medium-chain fatty acid. The body uses these types of fatty acids differently than the long-chain fatty acids that make up a large percentage of other dietary fats. Medium-chain fatty acids are processed by the liver and are quickly converted into energy by our cells, which is why studies suggest that these particular fatty acids may be beneficial for weight loss -- in moderation of course.

Good Cholesterol Booster as far as blood cholesterol levels are concerned, consumption of solid fats like coconut oil that are rich in lauric acid have been linked to increases in both "good" (HDL) and "bad" (LDL) cholesterol levels. Though your "bad" cholesterol may go up, so should your good cholesterol. The evidence suggests coconut oil may have a neutral, or even slightly beneficial effect on cholesterol levels when used in place of other saturated, or trans-fat. Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Advantages Coconut oil has long been revered for its bug-fighting properties.

Though more research needs to be done in this area, coconut oil contains compounds thought to prevent or fight certain viral, bacterial and fungal infections like the flu, bronchitis, yeast infections, acne and more. Convenient for cooking as far as cooking benefits are concerned, coconut oil is a more solid oil that is both mild in flavor and fairly heat stable. It works well for a variety of dishes, particularly baked goods and medium-heat sautes. The mild taste makes it a popular choice for curries or other dishes that benefit from a hint of tropical flavor.

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