SC Foods is a world-class food manufacturer based in Ba, Fiji distributing SSM International Jason’s Bongo and Peanut Ruffs.

Jason’s Bongo has been the Pacific’s favourite snack for over 30 years and still continues to be a favourite today amongst kids and adults alike. The iconic bright magenta packet has been a staple in stores throughout the region and continues to stand-out as a leader in the snacks category. Available in a variety of sizes (50g, 100g, 200g) and different flavours (Cheese & Chicken), Bongo is ideal for anyone at any time of day, and at any occasion. Like all their extruded snacks, Bongo is baked, not fried and contains no trans-fat. Grab a pack of Bongo and “Crunch to the Bongo Beat”

Also distributed by SSM is Jason’s Peanut Ruffs with its unique peanut flavour, made from real peanut butter, it has had a long and loyal following. Peanut Ruffs has a mild peanut-butter flavour that kids love. Pick up a pack of Peanut Ruffs and find out why people go nuts over Peanut Ruffs!

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