Buderim Ginger

As fine purveyors of all things ginger since 1941, Buderim Ginger Beers and Cordials are crafted to deliver a flavour hit like no other. They are proud of their iconic brand and Australian Heritage.

Buderim Ginger Beers:

  • Original Ginger Beer 250 mL x 4 Slimline Can - Our famous zingy ginger beer made with only the freshest real Australian ginger takes you away from drudgery to a place where flavour is its own reward.
  • Ginger Beer & Guarana 250 mL x 4 Slimline Can - Our famous zingy ginger beer made with only the freshest real Australian ginger has been blended with a hit of Guarana to help you fly through the day.
  • Ginger Beer & Pear 250 mL x 4 Slimline Can - Our famous zingy ginger beer made with only the freshest real Australian ginger has been infused with concentrated pear juice to give a clean, fresh flavour.
  • Reduced Ginger Bear 250 mL x 4 Slimline Can - Health-concious ginger enthuisiasts are rejoicing! Our Reduced Sugar Ginger Beer is naturally sweetened using Stevia. It has 35% less sugar than our Original Ginger Beer and contains only 66 calories per can.

Buderim Ginger Snack Packs:

  • Naked Ginger 200 g Pouch & 40 g Snack Pack - Adds a zing to everything with its smooth velvety texture but without the crystallised coating. This great Australian product is a sensational fat-free snack, a flavour burst when baking and delicious with cheese.
  • Ginger Bears 190 g Pouch & 40 g Snack Pack - Delicious chewy jubes with fresh, zesty bite, these Buderim Ginger icons are shaped like Ginger Bears yet taste like ginger beer. Made with 5% fresh Australian ginger juice, Ginger Bears are low in gluten and contain no artifical colours.
  • Dark Chocolate Coated Ginger 200 g Pouch & 40 g Snack Pack - With its velvety, zesty avour, Buderim Ginger has been generously enrobbed in a rich chocolate coating.
  • Crystallisted Ginger 250 g Pouch - Encased in cane sugar to give it its unique crunchy exterior, Buderim Crystallised Ginger is a sweet sensation.
  • Glace Ginger 125 g Bag - Delicious Buderim Ginger Glace Ginger is very bakers 'must have'. Glace Ginger makes every cake, muffin, slice or pudding a taste sensation.
  • Snack Pack Range - Our Buderim Ginger Snack Pack range is the perfect size for snacking and has three products to choose from: Dark Chocolate Coated Ginger 50 g, Naked Ginger 40 g and Ginger Bears 40 g. The specially designed counter top display carton holds 12 bags, making it easy to merchandise in store.

Buderim Ginger Cordials:

  • Ginger Refresher 750 mL - Our famous zingy Ginger Refresher Cordial is a versatile mixer. Perfect with soda water. Great for use in cocktails, fruit juices or creating a healthy boost shot.
  • Ginger Revitalise 750 mL - Made from the juice of fresh ginger and naturally sweetened with Stevia. It's your anytime, guilt-free enjoyment!
  • Lemon, Lime & Bitters 750 mL - Buderim's Lemon, Lime & Bitters Cordial is a traditional blend made with genuine aromatic bitters. Enjoy this classic pub favourite at home!

Buderim Ginger Sauce/Marmalade:

  • Original Ginger Marmalade 365 g - Our marmalade has stood the test of time and been an Aussie favourite for over half a century. Created from the finest ginger and natural ingredients, it delivers a flavour hit like no other.
  • Ginger, Lemon & Lime Marmalade 365 g - We've taken our original ginger marmalade recipe and infused it with the clean citrus flavours of lemon & lime. Perfect on toast and croisstants, or try it in desserts, fruit salad and curries.
  • Sweet Ginger Sauce 250 mL - The renowned Buderim Ginger Flavour for those sweet occasions. Drizzle decadently on waffles, pancakes and ice-cream. Heat and pour over steamed puddings and fruit cakes. Sweeten up curries with a splash.

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